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Do you invest in your health ?

Here are 4 simple tips--things we can do now to prepare our bodies for the long, healthy haul!!

  1. If You Can't Spell It, Don't Eat It! Processed foods age us fast! By overworking our pancreas and digestive system, fake foods just don't work well with our bodies. Stick with the basics by using fresh ingredients first. Eat whole grains, fruits, veggies, and high quality proteins and fats such as beans, nuts, salmon. Shop the perimeter of the food store, and when you absolutely have to buy food in a box, look at the ingredients list. If you can't pronounce the ingredients or have no clue what they are, skip it
  2. Switch it Out! All foods are not created equal. For example, yogurt can be a healthy option, but if you're yogurt is filled with sugar or chemicals, you may as well eat a candy bar, right? We're lucky, though, because we have SO many choices. Switch to plain all-natural yogurt and add fresh fruit. Or, if you only eat white pasta or bread, try whole grain varieties instead. If you switch out your "staple" foods for higher quality options, your body will thank you in years to come!
  3. Slip it In! Ok, so you may not be ready to do a 180 when it comes to food. I totally understand. But filling your body with antioxidants will make you glow from the inside-out! Trick yourself by "slipping in" healthy ingredients to your everyday choices. For example, flax is a powerful antioxidant that's so easy to add to almost anything! Use it when you're making chicken fingers, add it to your cereal, sneak it in to your morning muffins.
  4. Muscle Matters! Strong muscles and healthy bones can add years of high energy, high quality living! Make sure to build your muscle and protect your bones by doing stretching, strength training, or even water exercises. And, if you're complaining about your metabolism slowing down as you age, don't worry- strength training can rev that up, too!! You'll become a strong, healthy, fat burning machine in no time!