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Exercise While Sitting at Your Desk

You may think that it's not possible to exercise while sitting at your desk at work. But since so many of spend hours sitting in front of a computer then why not try working some of those muscles as well. Following is a list of several exercises that you can do while you sit in front of your computer.

1. Squeeze and release your buttock muscles. You may fell a little silly doing this while you are sitting in your chair, but it really is a great way to firm up those butt muscles. You just squeeze and release for at least a good thirty minutes.

2. Next work on your Abs by taking a deep breath in and release. While taking these deep breaths you want to suck in your stomach and hold then release. You can also move you're upper in lower abdominal muscles in and out in sort of a wave motion. This may be pretty hard to do depending on how strong your abdominal muscles are.

3. Try doing some shoulder rolls. Roll your shoulders forward, and then roll them backward. This is also a really great way to relax when you have been working hard all day long.

4. If you actually have time for a break from typing, you can work on your arms. Hold a book in each hand and lift your hands above your head and lower to touch your shoulders. Repeat this at least ten times. Make sure that the books are not too heavy so that you end up straining yourself.

5. Have some stretching with your arms , legs and foot.