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Steps to Lose Weight

I always do some research on how to lose weight and watch my diet not only because I must lose weight to look good but also for some health reason. I must stay fit for me to live longer and have a healthy life. Here are some tips and simple exercise we have to follow. It's very easy! Let's make this a hobby and we'll see a tremendous result!. Come and join with me!

Steps to Lose Weight:

-Don’t skip breakfast.
-Carry groceries instead of pushing cart.
-Cut back on added fats in cooking.
-Take your dog for longer walks.
-Eat sweet foods in smaller amount.
-Bake or boil fish.
-When eating outside, choose a smaller portion.
-Stop eating when you’re full.
-Make a grocery list before you shop.
-Take stairs instead of elevator.
-Make a morning walk a good habit.
-Dance to music.
-Make time in your day for physical activities.
-Wash car by hand.
-Bicycle to store instead of driving.
-Walk during lunch hour.
-Drink water before a meal.
-Eat leaner red meat.
-Increase the fiber in your diet.
-Don’t eat late at night.
-Skip buffets